• HR as a Service 3

    HR as a Service

Grass Roots Services

  • HR audit
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employees’ Onboarding Model
  • Basic Employment Agreements (Template)
  • Policy Documents (Up to 10 per year)
  • Review and Revise Job Descriptions
  • Employee Compensation Model
  • Senior HR Support for Terminations
  • HR On-call Support (Up to 90 minutes per month)

Growing Services

  • Includes all the Services in Grass Roots, plus
  • Performance Management Program Design
  • OH&S Program Design
  • Employee Engagement and Exit Survey (1 of each per year)
  • Job Advertisement and Advertising Program Support
  • Senior HR Support for Labour Relations (60 minutes per month)
  • Workshops (2 per year from our Workshop Menu or custom designed to your needs)

Additional Products & Services and Workshops

In addition to the Grass Roots and Growing packages, MC Advisory offers both workshops and additional products and services to be purchased separately.

Products & Services

  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Pension Planning
  • Recruitment/Executive Recruitment
  • Workplace Assessments and Investigations


  • Hybrid Workplaces – Covid Happened, Now What?
  • Recovering at Work Post Injury – What Employers Need to Know
  • Gone Viral – Managing Employees and Social Media
  • Managing Employee Attendance – Changing the Conversation
  • Respectful Workplaces – Positive Impacts on Culture
  • Creating a Culture of Belonging – DEI 101
  • Navigating Workplace Investigations

Meet Our Advisors

Tanya Tynski

Senior Advisor
Practice Leader
People & Culture

Heather Stamp

Senior Advisor
People & Culture

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Senior Advisor
People & Culture

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Senior Advisor
People & Culture